Autofocus camera SiroCam AF+

Best image quality
The SiroCam AF+ combines superior image quality with easy operation. It focuses automatically at the press of a button or via the foot control.



EasyTouch user interface

No unnecessary control buttons or complicated menus. The touchscreen shows only those functions that you need at any given time. The symbols are self-explanatory and dedicated keys are assigned to the functions that you use most frequently. In other words, you can navigate at a single glance without having to interrupt your accustomed treatment routines. In addition, the versatile EasyTouch user interface can be customized to your individual preferences.

The EasyMode

Thanks to the new control option, you can now choose to set the EasyMode and see all the available functions on one display.

  • Based on the classic control concepts
  • All functions on one display
  • Direct access to the desired setting without going through multiple menu layers
  • Retrofittable via software updates

EasyTouch Bedienoberfläche

Start-up screen – reduced to the essentials

If required, the start-up screen can be customised to only show the chair positioning functions.

EasyTouch Bedienoberfläche

Start-up screen for the fully featured version

In this case the start-up screen includes symbols for the additional built-in functions – e.g. the motor-driven headrest and the endodontic treatment and implantology functions.

The endodontic treatment and implantology functions can be controlled directly via the EasyTouch user interface. This gives you direct control over key parameters such as torque, speed, root canal depth and coolant quantity.


Endodontic program with ApexLocator

The add-on endodontic treatment function includes a graphical user interface indicating the next root canal file. You are free to concentrate on the essentials of the treatment process. The torque and speed settings are controlled directly by the treatment centre. The precise torque control system ensures optimum treatment safety. This gives you continuous control over the file position in the root canal – from the trepanation opening to the apical foramen.

Integration of the reciprocal file systems from VDW (RECIPROC®) and Dentsply Maillefer (WAVEONE®, WAVEONE® GOLD) make TENEO a genuine endodontics expert. The function is displayed via the TENEO interface and can be controlled using the unit's foot control.


Implantology program

This add-on function can be tailored to your familiar mode of working. You can adjust the speed, torque and quantity of sterile coolant.

22" SIVISION Monitor 

Monitor 22 Zoll

A real eye-catcher:

Full HD technology, 16:9 aspect ratio, built-in loudspeakers, connections: HDMI, DisplayPort and S-Video.

Intraoral x-ray tube assembly HELIODENTPLUS


  • Suited for all x-ray methods
  • Simple operation for enhanced patient comfort
  • Integration via adaptation to the light support frame

New support arm system

The new angular support arm system guarantees an extremely homogenous look. All the cables are fully integrated. The support arm is directly connected in the lower part of the x-ray support frame and can be combined with the monitor adapter. The monitor can be tilted through 45° and swiveled sideways through 180°. This guarantees an optimal view from virtually any treatment position.

The intraoral x-ray tube assembly HELIODENTPLUS can be easily integrated. An ideal operating distance is achieved for all acquisition situations with the new support arm system.


Equipment options

Options for the patient chair

Patient-specific chair positions* circle
Motor-driven headrest with automatic patientspecific
headrest adjustment*
Premium upholstery circle
Lounge upholstery
Thermo upholstery disc
Premium thermo upholstery disc
Lumbar support / massage function disc
Removable armrest, right armrest can be swiveled aside disc
Removable left armrest disc
4 way foot switch circle
Foot switch, cable version circle
Wireless foot switch disc
External device connection disc
Booster cushion for small patients disc
M1/C adapter plate, assembly without drilling disc

circle Basic unit or as a package.
disc Optional

* Available with SIDEXIS 4.


Options for the dentist element with easyTouch, 6 handpiece positions, removable handles and instrument holder

SPRA YVIT M with light disc
1st drill drive (for motor or turbine) circle
2nd drill drive (for motor or turbine) circle
3rd drill drive (for motor or turbine) circle
4th drill drive (for motor or turbine) disc
BL electric motor disc
BL ISO C electric motor disc
BL Implant electric motor disc
Turbine hose circle
SIROSONIC TL ultrasonic handpiece disc
SIROTOM electrosurgery kit disc
Implantology function disc
Endodontic treatment function disc
Reciprocating function disc
ApexLocator with display on SIVISION monitor
Integrated pump for saline solution
USB interface circle
Hands-free operation with cursor control circle
Contra-angle handpiece T1 Line ENDO 6 L with light

circle Basic unit or as a package.
disc Optional


Options for the assistant element with 4 positions, removable holder

Satelec mini LED curing light disc
Surgical suction device disc
SPRAYVIT M with light disc
Suction device circle
Saliva ejector circle
Suction hose with slide disc

circle Basic unit or as a package.
disc Optional

Options for the water unit

Disinfection device with permanent disinfection and
sanitization function
Suction hose cleaning with water disc
Suction hose cleaning with chemicals circle
Hydrocolloid port disc
Cuspidor valve for wet suction system disc
Automatic separator circle
Amalgam separator circle
Glass cuspidor, motor-driven swivel function,
Purge function with autopurge circle

circle Basic unit or as a package.
disc Optional

Options patient communication system SIVISION digital

SiroCam AF+ disc
22" monitor on the SIVISION swivel arm disc
22" monitor on the tray incl. tray disc
22“ monitor on the light support column disc
Camera supply in the dentist element disc
Cable set for PC connection disc

circle Basic unit or as a package.
disc Optional

Dentist stools optional long or short gas spring

HUGO Freehand
(with foot release)

HUGO Manual
(with hand release)

HUGO Manual Plus
(with manual release and foot ring)

CARL Manual
(with manual release)

CARL Manual Plus
(with manual release and foot ring)

circle Basic unit or as a package.
disc Optional

Additional options

Sirona Tray disc
PC interface (Ethernet) circle
PC control with EasyTouch circle
Remote diagnosis circle
LEDview operating light disc

circle Basic unit or as a package.
disc Optional

Your advantage packages





  • 2 HUGO or CARL working stools, version or gas spring selectable
  • Thermo or optional Lounge Upholstery
  • Lumbar support/massage function
  • SPRAYVI T M for dentist and assistant element
  • 2 BL electric motors(upcharge for BL ISO C)
  • SIROSONIC TL ultrasonic handpiece
  • LED view operating light
  • Wireless foot control
  • Endodontic treatment function
  • ApexLocator function
  • T1 Line ENDO 6 L contra-angle handpiece with light
  • ISO adapter with light (optional)
  • Holder for the ApexLocator
  • Additional option: reciprocating function
  • Implantology function
  • Integrated pump forsaline solution
  • BL implant electric motor
  • IMPLANT 20:1
    contra-angle handpiece
  • 22“ monitor
  • SiroCam AF+
  • Monitor position on the tray or the light support column
  • Camera supply in the dentist‘s element


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