Preventive care

The right treatment center is a prerequisite for successful  preventive care and determines the atmosphere in which treatment takes place. The sophisticated ergonomic concept of the Sirona C5+  ensures that your patients feel relaxed, thus enabling you to work effectively. The wide-ranging equipment options expand your clinical possibilities. The more challenging the application, the greater the need for proven, innovative technology and flexible instrumentation.

  • Ideal for preventive care – and other applications besides
  • Effective communication with patients
  • Assistant’s element mounted on a long support arm
  • Connections for external devices
  • Customized array of handpieces for professional preventive care

C5+ – ideal for preventive careFor a perfect healthy smile.

Dental hygiene, aesthetics and preventive care are key elements in modern patient care. On the basis of its decades of experience Sirona offers a range of preventive care solutions that enable you to respond to every clinical challenge.

Ideal for preventive care – and other applications besides

The easy-to-use C5+ is ideally suited to preventive care procedures. Programmable for two different users, the C5+ has been designed for convenient hands-free operation. Two alternative models are available: our C4+ with a manually adjustable sliding track, and the C3+ with whip arm hose supports.

Patient communicationgood equipment is a precondition for effective counseling

Intraoral imaging enhances communication with the patient. You can select either our attractive entry-level camera (the SIROCAM C) or one of the very best intraoral cameras on the market (the SIROCAM 3). Professional visualization on the 15” or 19” monitors engenders trust and boosts the efficiency of your preventive care procedures.

Assistant’s element mounted on a long support arm always within easy reach

The C5+ can be adapted to your individual requirements and those of your patients. The assistant’s element supports ergonomic two-handed treatment in the 11 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions. This means that you can maintain your accustomed mode of working.

Connections for external devices

The valve set provides a convenient option for connecting external tabletop devices to your C5+ treatment center. In this way you can avoid unnecessary cable and hose runs in your dental practice. The mains-voltage electric power supply is protected by a fuse. The water and compressed air connections are equipped with quick couplings.

Customized instruments for professional preventive care

A comprehensive preventive care concept must make allowance for all the relevant clinical details. Sirona markets a complete array of instruments for diagnosis, cleaning, treatment and polishing – i.e. ultrasonic and air scalers, as well as straight and contra-angle handpieces. This means you can achieve precisely the cleaning and abrasive performance that you require.

Adjuvant periodontitis therapy.

SIROLaser Blue, SIROLaser Advance and SIROLaser Xtend enhance the results of periodontal treatment by effectively reducing microbial concentrations in the affected gum pockets.