CEREC. Made to inspire.

Explore Sirona's unique world of CAD/CAM together with eight CEREC dentists.
Find out more about the unique potential of CEREC.

“I'm not joking: since I've been working with CEREC patients even ask me when they can have their next appointment. Previously it was me doing the asking.”

Dr. Gordon Boyle, United Kingdom

“I always let my patients watch the design process. If there is one thing that demonstrates just how modern my dental practice is, then it's CEREC. And now even more with CEREC 4.0 software.”

Dr. Elsa Bettoni, Switzerland

“CEREC Biogeneric creates customized restorations for each individual patient. No tooth database is capable of this. In the past I spent ten minutes designing a restoration. Now, I need only three minutes.”

Dr. Tomoko Takeda, Japan

“I rely on modern technology when I want precision. And CEREC is precise: it does precisely what I want.”

Dr. Bernhild-Elke Stamnitz, Germany

“With CEREC I can create genial designs to exact individual requirements – at any time. I control the entire process. Now I have become a dental ‘recréateur’.”

Dr. Stéphane Kassel, France

“I have created various conventional and digital bridges in parallel – the fit of the CEREC Connect restorations was astonishingly good. And I am not normally so easy to impress.”

Dr. Gregor Findeis, Germany

“Combining CEREC with the data from the GALILEOS 3D X-ray unit was the best thing that Sirona could have done. This has created an integrated platform for reliable implant planning.”

Dr. Carlo Raimondo, Italy

“I could tell you a lot about the CEREC system, but you should really experience it ‘live in action’. Afterwards, you will not want to treat your patients any other way. That is for sure.”

Dr. Michael Maier, Germany