SIROInspect for a safe and secure monitoring of caries

Don’t let caries become a repeat offender.

Every day you have to make important decisions with regard to caries. This is often not as easy as it sounds. We are now able to simply help you make the right decision during caries excavation: SIROInspect with FACE® technology immediately puts the spotlight on bacterially infected dentine – so all you need to do is drill where the bacteria actually are.

  • Safe – SIROInspect is a reliable aid for your decisions.
  • Fast – needs just the simple press of a button – and you will immediately see where excavation is needed.
  • Simple – is easy to operate and can be flexibly integrated into your workflow.
  • Handy and flexible – thanks to the clip on filter or the diagnostic glasses which offer a wide range of uses

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© Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Buchalla

SIROInspect Video


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