Instruments Comfort and convenience at your fingertips.

  • T1 Premium-Class. Perfection that fits into your hands.

    The instruments in the T1 Premium class provide maximum accuracy and perfect work results. Innovative, first-class technology, extra light titanium sleeve and ergonomic design ensure that T1 CONTROL, T1 Boost and T1 mini satisfy every requirement. The Premium Class Turbines lie perfectly balanced in your hand.

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  • COMFORT – T2 Turbines. Quality you can rely on.

    The T2 Comfort class provides you with top quality technology for relaxed work. The titanium coated turbines lie comfortably in your hand ensure that CONTROL, Boost and mini satisfy every requirement.

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  • SIROInspect for a safe and secure monitoring of caries

    SIROInspect with FACE® technology immediately puts the spotlight on bacterially infected dentine – so all you need to do is drill where the bacteria actually are.

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