Easy integration – Intuitive working

With its space requirements of 1.05 m x 1.41 m, ORTHOPHOS XG 3Dready can be easily integrated into your practice as a panoramic unit. Direct connection with your practice network ensures a quick and efficient workflow.



A minimum room width of 1.96 m must be maintained for the optional Ceph arm.



Detailed installation measurements can be found in the installation instructions.

Installation instructions

Retrofitting of a 3D module does not require additional space


Intuitive and simple operation via the EasyPad with integrated touch screen.

Position the patient with the occlusal bite block. The unit automatically establishes the correct bite height and, with it, the positioning of the head – all you need to do is press the up and down arrows. Opening/Closing of the forehead and temple supports is motor-driven via the corresponding buttons on the EasyPad. Use the touch screen to select the desired program and customizations and then select the patient type via the patient symbols.

  • Opening and closing of the temple supports
  • Unit height adjustment
  • Panoramic or Ceph mode selection
  • Head position display
  • Other settings
  • Quadrant selection
  • Individual patient adjustments
  • Patient type selection
  • Exposure time display
  • X-rayed area display
  • Forehead support position display
  • Bite block height display
  • Return
  • Test cycle
  • Opening and closing of the forehead support
  • Laser light localizer for patient positioning
  • Changing the scan parameters
  • Display of the required bite block piece
  • Program version selection, e.g., P1C
  • Program selection
  • Program selection

Hover your mouse over the markers to view the descriptions.

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