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CEREC Chairside Solutions

CEREC: Right for everyone

All components of the CEREC portfolio can be flexibly combined to suit your needs. Based on our many years of experience, we have compiled three configuration packages to make the decision-making process even easier for you.

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The CEREC Omnicam

Unrivalled handling, powder-free scanning and precise 3D images in natural color!

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Milling with CEREC MC, CEREC MC X or CEREC MC XL Premium Package

Three different milling units making it even easier to find the right solution for your dental practice: from the attractively priced CEREC MC to the CEREC MC X for the complete Chairside spectrum as well as the CEREC MC XL Premium Package for the full range of CAD/CAM indications – the right milling solution to choose from for every practice situation.

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CEREC Software 4.2 – more fun and creativity

Intuitive operation and the desire to design and create patient individual restorations are central to all CEREC developments. Additional innovative design tools expand your possibilities - the CEREC Software 4.2 is more comfortable and easier to use. Dentists will definitely have more fun with the additional creative possibilities.

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CEREC Guides
CEREC Blocs C In – The pro for single tooth restorations.

The interaction between chromatic dentin and the translucent incisal area in the visible anterior tooth region has previously been a limiting factor for the use of CAD/CAM systems. CEREC Blocs C In and the software algorithm set for these blocks have changed this.

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inCoris CC – Prepration of NP-metal restorations.

inCoris CC is a sintering metal based on a CoCr alloy that, like the known zirconium oxide process, is first milled while oversized and then compacted by sintering in a furnace under argon atmosphere, for example with the inFire HTC speed.

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Sirona Connect Digital Impression Solutions


Sirona Connect – digital impressions with Sirona

Sirona Connect is by far the most innovative and, at the same time, the most individual solution for dentists who does not want to miss the digital connection to the dentistry of tomorrow. Sirona Connect gives you the choice between the three best intraoral scanners on the market – completely in line with the requirements of your practice. And for dental technicians, Sirona Connect means above all: Flexibility. Thanks to the open data interface, you can process orders from the practice quickly, reliably and efficiently

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inLab Labside Solutions

inCoris TZI

inEos X5 – The most innovative scanner

This revolutionary new laboratory scanner is your specialist for all digitization tasks. Featuring a robot arm, innovative model positioning, the latest scanning technology and an open interface, the 5-axis inEos X5 is your passport to unrivalled precision, flexible handling, quick scanning times and a comprehensive application spectrum.

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inLab MC XL

inLab SW 4.2

Smart design with virtual articulation, smile design – and much more besides.

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inFire HTC speed

inLab MC XL milling unit

Fast, versatile and economical. The inLab MC XL milling and grinding unit opens up the widest possible range of production options for your dental laboratory. You profit from high speed and precision. You can switch from grinding to milling in just a few simple steps. And thanks to the large milling volume and broad spectrum of applications, you will reap substantial economic benefits.

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inCoris TZI

inCoris TZI – translucent zirconium dioxide

This translucent zirconium dioxide enables you for the first time to create non-veneered full anatomical bridges (up to nine units ) on the inLab system. In combination with the inFire HTC speed furnace this material can be sintered in just 60 minutes.

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inCoris TZI

inFire HTC speed sintering furnace

In the Superspeed mode the inFire HTC speed furnace sinters inCoris TZI and inCoris ZI restorations in record time. Its large capacity will boost your productivity. Ceramics and NPM materials can be processed in a single chamber.

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