New CEREC 4.3 software
Greater clinical safety, simpler workflow and more user-friendly

CEREC has been supporting dentists for more than 30 years with digital impressions, creating virtual models as well as designing and producing restorations – all in a single session. Sirona has succeeded with continuous research and development in close collaboration with dental users and scientists to simplify use and set new standards in restorative dentistry. The many new features in the CEREC 4.3 software improve clinical quality while optimizing workflow and intuitive operation.

Advantages of the new CEREC Software 4.3

Improved Clinical Quality

1) By comprehensively optimizing the entire Omnicam acquisition phase we have been able to improve overall digital impression performance as well as increasing both the resolutions and color fidelity of the virtual model. This results in an easier and more efficient acquisition. Scanning with Omnicam is now faster and more flowing particularly in the anterior region. There is now an optional tool that can be activated to receive feedback on the data quality of the digital impression. Due to the higher resolutions of the virtual model the edges are now more clearly visible facilitating precise and much easier drawing of the preparation margin.

2) CEREC SW 4.3 introduces carbide milling to the chairside process. Carbide milling is the optimal method to fabricate zirconium oxide and polymer materials. In comparison to grinding with diamond burs, which naturally remains an option for these materials in future, carbide milling offers the advantage for zirconium oxide of reduced chipping and margin edge stability. Moreover, the sprue is significantly smaller. Polymer temporary materials are machined with a considerably smoother surface. In addition, the carbide instruments do not become clogged with the polymer material removed resulting in an extended service life.

3) Undercuts on the preparation margin present no problem with CEREC SW 4.3. Now the restoration can be securely placed even in the most difficult undercut situation. The software gives feedback during the definition of the insertion axis that an undercut exists and offers the possibility to block it out at the preparation margin or alternatively to leave as previously. This permits the retention of tooth substance minimal invasively and due to this feedback the possibility to amend the preparation margin if necessary. Whatever the indication, you remain in complete control.

Simpler Workflow:

1) Since CEREC 4.2 it has been possible with the virtual articulator to take into account the dynamics of the jaw in the design of the restoration. This can significantly reduce any subsequent manual grinding depending on the particular restoration material and also preserves the morphology of the restoration. Now with CEREC SW 4.3 the articulator is even easier to use. Once the option is selected the movements with the chosen mean values are automatically calculated. In addition, the virtual articulator offers further setting options for both the parameters and visualization of the dynamics in order to ensure an even better control of the result. Completely new CEREC treatment possibilities exist with the option: Bite raising.

2) To more naturally structure the labial surfaces of veneers and anterior crowns CEREC SW 4.3 offers not one, but several textures. These are separated into horizontal and vertical elements to enhance aesthetics.

3) Included in CEREC SW 4.3 Sirona now offers a TiBase set for CEREC chairside implants from Thommen Medical thereby expanding the already broadest range of implant systems in the CAD / CAM market. A custom abutment made from a zirconium oxide block (inCoris ZI meso) is mounted on an implant titanium base and the restoration finalized with a CEREC implant crown.

4) Now with CEREC SW 4.3 should you decide that you would prefer to send the case to your dental laboratory, you can now use the integrated “Connect button” in the software.  The case is simply uploaded automatically in Sirona Connect and can be sent directly via this internet portal to your lab..


Find all manuals in the Technical Documentation.

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