High-performance materials for the inLab system

All-ceramic zirconium oxide crowns and bridges, custom implant abutments, prepares NPM Restorations and models milled out of polymer blocks:

inCoris offers you an extensive range of materials for your inLab MC XL milling unit. inCoris ZI and inCoris TZI offer outstanding biocompatibility and aesthetics. inCoris allows you to fabricate custom implant abutments. And last but not least, inCoris Model blocks provide the perfect choice for creating dental models.

inCoris CC

inCoris CC is a sintering metal based on a CoCr alloy that, like the known zirconium oxide process, is first milled while oversized and then compacted by sintering in a furnace under argon atmosphere, for example with the inFire HTC speed.

NPM restorations can now be fun:

  • As easy and clean as zirconium oxide
  • Fast
  • High quality
  • No more risk of bubbles or warping
  • Added value in the laboratory
  • Wet milling
  • Up to 4-unit bridges
  • Tangential preparations can be worked on
  • Blocks in four sizes: mono, medi, maxi S, and maxi L

The majority of all restorations fabricated around the world are still made of NPM. inCoris CC does not differ from the conventional materials used in laboratory routine. It can be processed as usual, the difference being that the time-consuming steps of modeling, casting, and deflasking are omitted.
Starting immediately, this is also possible with inLab in the own laboratory with no further major investment. CoCr restorations can be fabricated in laboratory routine quicker, cleaner, and in a higher quality. The capacity of the inLab system can be even better used, because of this.

inCoris ZI Sintered zirconium oxide ceramic

The partially sintered inCoris ZI blocks are designed for the fabrication of crown copings as well as anterior/posterior bridge frameworks with up to two pontics. The frameworks are initially milled to an excess size. After they have been sintered, they acquire the desired characteristics (precise dimensions, density, strength, shade).

The benefits in brief:
  • High-performance ceramic material for finely designed long-span frameworks
  • High translucency fulfils stringent aesthetic requirements
  • inCoris ZI can be polished and milled
  • Outstanding fracture strength and longevity
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Available in various sizes, in four different shades in each case
  • NEW: Standard discs (Ø 98.5 mm) in 3 different heights (10, 14, 20 mm)
  • Approved for speed and superspeed sintering

Best Quality Label


The material is pre-shaded – i.e.  the user can dispense with immersion solutions and liners. The sintered frameworks can be veneered using conventional ceramic materials in line with the relevant manufacturer’s processing instructions.

inCoris TZI Highly translucent sintered zirconium oxide ceramic

inCoris TZI allows inLab users to fabricate anatomically sized crowns and bridges with up to nine units. Thanks to its high degree of translucency, inCoris TZI does not require any additional veneering, and thus offers cost-effective and more aesthetic alternative to non-veneered and partially veneered metal restorations.

Best Quality Label

The benefits in brief:
  • Anatomically sized crowns and bridges
  • Available in three block sizes: inCoris TZI mono L, inCoris TZI 40/19, inCoris TZI 55/19
  • Caters for critical situations, e.g. where there is limited space between the restoration and the antagonist
  • Elimination of chipping
  • Can be polished and milled with in the inLab MC XL and CEREC MC XL  milling units
  • Complete restorations within half of a single working day in combination with the inFire HTC speed furnace
  • Software requirement: inLab 3D V3.86 or higher
  • Approved for speed and superspeed sintering


This material is ideal for cases where there is limited space between the restoration and the antagonist. Thanks to the high strength of inCoris TZI, the risk of chipping can be virtually ruled out.

  • inCoris TZI Coloring Liquids:
    • - For the individual adaptation of your restorations
    • - Available in 16 Classic shades (A1-D4)
    • - 150 ml per bottle
    • - After coloration the restorations can be characterized with the aid of conventional shading and glazing methods
  • Dipping containers (empty cans)
  • Pair of plastic tweezers

inCoris TZI Coloring Liquid starter kit

The starter kit contains everything the user needs:

  • 16 bottles of inCoris TZI Coloring Liquid (150 ml each)
  • 16 dipping containers (empty cans)
  • 1 pair of tweezers

inCoris TZI C Pre-shaded translucent zirconium oxide

The user can save time by using the pre-shaded ceramic blocks, as the restorations no longer need to be dipped in coloring liquid and dried.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • Fully anatomical crowns and bridges
  • Ideal for critical situations where there is limited space between the restauration and the antagonist
  • No chipping
  • Sintering with inFire HTC speed
    • - inFire HTC speed (standard sintering program)
    • - inFire HTC speed (speed*)
    • - Classic sintering in all other sintering furnaces
  • Can be finalized with commercial paints and gloss paints

* Option for "superspeed" in development

  • Accurate colors using pre-shaded blocks
    (10 classic colors: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B2, C2, C3, D3)
  • Available in 3 block sizes: mono L (20/19/15.5); medi S (40/19/15.5); maxi M (65/40/22)
  • Processing with inLab MC XL,
    inLab MC X5, CEREC MC, CEREC MC X, CEREC MC XL Premium Package

  • NEW: Standard discs (Ø 98.5 mm)
  • 3 disc heights (13, 16 and 22 mm)
  • Pre-shaded discs: A1, A2, A3, A3.5
  • Processing with inLab MC X5


The simple workflow also makes pre-shaded translucent zirconium oxide interesting for the dentist – simple jobs such as crowns or bridges can be carried out chairside with the CEREC system. The zirconium oxide restorations can also be classically cemented.

Even dentists with their own practice laboratory benefit from inCoris TZI C; omitting two steps (drying and dipping) saves around 30 minutes, thus significantly increasing productivity.

Fig. 1: inCoris TZI C: The pre-shaded, translucent zirconium oxide accelerates the production of esthetically pleasing fully anatomical restorations.


inCoris PMMA Guide

Production of surgical guides

You can design and produce custom surgical guides in our lab quickly and cost-effectively with inLab SW 15.0 As part of integrated implant planning with Sirona 3D X-ray systems, surgical guides produced by CAD/CAM are an accurate basis for planning the surgical procedure. The surgical guide can then be milled in-house using the inLab MC X5 or inLab MC XL*.

NEW: inCoris PMMA guide

Ideally suited for the production of surgical guides with more than one drilling hole with inLab MC X5.

Thanks to the standard format (Ø 98.5 mm) the inCoris PMMA guide disc (height 22 mm) can be placed into the inLab MC X5 without any adapter.

Special CEREC Guide blocs in 2 different sizes are available for production of surgical guides with inLab MC XL*.

* inLab MC XL is limited to surgical guides with max. one drilling hole

inCoris ZI meso Sintered zirconium oxide ceramic for abutments

There is a growing demand for aesthetically perfect implants. Tried-and-tested CAD/CAM zirconium abutments allow you to respond individually to your patients’ wishes for natural, tooth-colored, all-ceramic implant-borne restorations.

more about implant superstructures

inCoris Model Polymer blocks for the fabrication of models

The inCoris Model blocks consist of a polyurethane polymer and enable you to mill models on the inLab MC XL milling unit, exclusively in combination with the prescribed burs (Shaper 25 and Finisher 10). The blocks are available in the following sizes: S (65 x 40 x 22 mm) and L (85 x 40 x 22 mm).

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