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ORTHOPHOS SL provides optimal 2D and 3D x-rays and is easy to operate On the proven ORTHOPHOS XG platform, Sirona has developed an x-ray system with innovative imaging technology for the greatest possible contrast with the lowest possible dose. It is available as an upgradable 2D version or as a 3D hybrid unit with a large volume (11x10 cm) or an 8x8 cm volume especially optimized for a general dental practice. 03/10/2015

Bensheim/SalzburgSharp layer, i.e. a technology that automatically adapts the panorama curve of the sensor to the patient’s individual anatomical situation and produces a sharp image, is the name providing feature of the new ORTHOPHOS SL technology.  Yet it is not the only technical feature to improve image quality. “Our clear goal is to provide the best x-ray resolution on the market with ORTHOPHOS SL and win over dentists with high standards all over the world,“ says Jörg Haist, Product Manager for Imaging Systems at Sirona.

Sharp layer technology uses several thousand individual projections for one panoramic image, which are taken very rapidly from several angles in one rotation and reproduce the individual morphological situation very sharply.  Its advantages: excellent panoramic images and the possibility of compensating for positioning errors retroactively. The automatically implemented sharp layer technology intelligently adapts the sharp layer and does away with the necessity for the advance selection of jaw morphology and front tooth position, thus simplifying the operation of the x-ray unit. In addition, the interactive sharp layer technology makes it possible to shift the depth of focus retroactively in bucco-lingual direction, so that in case of unclear overlays it can be immediately detected which structure is in front and which is behind.

Direct conversion of radiation increases efficiency

The second innovation allowing for a completely new level of image quality is the direct conversion sensor (DCS).  It generates electrical signals directly from the x-ray beams without – as in the past – the intermediate step of first converting them to light.  This means that less information is lost and the image data yielded is significantly better in relation to the applied dose.  The DC sensor thus generates highly precise x-ray images with a reduced radiation dose especially efficiently.

Reduction of artifacts in 3D X-ray images

Many improvements in the reduction of metal artifacts, in image processing and the option of engaging the HD mode enable excellent image quality in 3D mode as well. The radiation dose can be adapted and minimized by the selection of three different volume sizes (5x5.5 cm, 8x8 cm, 11x10 cm) and collimations depending on the diagnostic question.

Combination with SIDEXIS 4 supports integrated workflows

Thanks to the unique occlusal bite block and the three-point fixation of the head with forehead and temple supports, patients can be positioned for an image very easily, safely, and reproducibly. The updated EasyPad, a touchscreen for operating the unit, provides higher resolution and greater contrast with an improved feel, making it even easier to use. In combination with the intuitive SIDEXIS 4 x-ray software, the ORTHOPHOS SL facilitates findings-oriented work, which can save the practitioner a lot of time. Furthermore, this combination of hardware and software is ideally coordinated with Sirona’s integrated digital solutions, thus creating efficient workflows for simultaneous surgical and prosthetic planning of implants or for diagnosing the airways in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

Award-winning design

The ORTHOPHOS SL has now been distinguished with the renowned iF product design award. Jörg Haist, Product Manager for Imaging Systems at Sirona, accepted the coveted award a few days ago. "We are delighted with this honor and see it as confirmation of our endeavors to combine the excellent user friendliness and high quality of our products with an attractive design." The new x-ray system thus continues a long tradition of excellence at Sirona. Since the beginning of the iF product design award, it has been awarded to thirteen Sirona products for their excellent design, for example the inEos X5 extraoral laboratory scanner last year.

Due to the different approval and registration times, not all products are immediately available in all countries.

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The new ORTHOPHOS SL with innovative capture technology ensures outstanding image quality in 2D and 3D x-rays

The new ORTHOPHOS SL with innovative capture technology ensures outstanding image quality in 2D and 3D x-rays

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