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Global Survey: Patients want to be treated in a single visit

Everything from a single source for safer, better and faster dentistry – CEREC makes this possible. This method offers the possibility of treating patients in a single visit with a ceramic, or even full zirconia, restoration. There is no need for uncomfortable impression material thanks to a digital scan, only one anesthetic injection is necessary and there are also no bothersome temporary prostheses – this type of treatment is exactly what the majority of patients want, according to a survey of more than 3,700 patients from 6 countries.

A restoration in just one visit: An important aspect for 80 percent of the patients.

Bensheim/Salzburg. A recent and massive international survey  of patients conducted on behalf of Dentsply Sirona showed that a large majority would prefer to be treated in a single visit as far as restorations are concerned. The patients surveyed in Germany, Brazil, France, Italy, Japan and China were very unanimous in this respect. To receive this service, many are willing to travel further to the dentist. A majority would not rule out the possibility of even changing their dentist for this – on the contrary, about two-thirds said that they would actually be willing to do this to benefit from single-visit dentistry.

Global wish: Single-visit dentistry

A closer look at the details reveals that treatment in one visit actually meets patients' modern expectations. In Germany, this applied to 80 percent of patients, while in Italy, France and China, this figure was almost 90 percent. Having to travel further presented no obstacle. 62% in Germany would be willing to accept a longer journey, in Italy a staggering 81% would do this, and in France three out of four patients could imagine doing this. The importance that patients attach to single-visit dentistry is reflected in the fact that 83 percent of Italians would be willing to change their dentist for it; two in three patients in Germany would also be willing to do this. In terms of costs, too, patients are also essentially in agreement: those surveyed, particularly in Brazil (82%) and China (83%), are prepared to spend more money. Around 70 percent of those surveyed in France would do this, while this applied to 50 percent in Germany and Japan.

CEREC meets patients' demands

The results of the survey show that CEREC offers a convenience that patients want. There are several reasons for this: One of the most important is that the patient only needs one injection of anesthetic. There are also the comfortable digital impressions instead of the conventional method with an impression tray and material, which means that patients are spared the common gag reflex. Placing the immediate final restoration in one appointment removes the need for a temporary prosthesis. Restorative treatment in a single visit fulfills patients' needs, thus becoming an important element in patient satisfaction.

Innovative processing of high-performance ceramics

"The research shows single visit dentistry is an emerging expectation amongst patients today, says Roddy MacLeod, Group Vice President CAD/CAM at Dentsply Sirona. “Patients expect to be treated with the latest technology and CEREC is leading that trend. And, now that we can also produce full contour zirconia restorations in a single visit, we are giving our customers the maximum flexibility to address nearly every clinical situation.” 

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    A restoration in just one visit: An important aspect for 80 percent of the patients.

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    CEREC offers the possibility of providing patients with a final ceramic restoration in a single visit. The new CEREC SpeedFire sintering furnace also allows full zirconia to be processed.

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