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Jeffrey T. SlovinI am very pleased to welcome you to our website, where you will find all the information you need about our products, services and contacts, as well as the latest news about our company.

As the dental market leader and a technology pioneer, we at Sirona are passionate about enhancing our products and services. We are permanently investing in research and development, as well as our global sales and service structures. Being close to our customers is essential, which is why we have 28 sites around the world where we work together to advance global dental health.

2014 was another year of highlights for Sirona. In the early summer, Sirona launched the new INTEGO treatment center, introducing it at several exciting events all over the world. INTEGO and Sirona have once again set the bar higher: Quality made in Germany at an attractive price. Shortly after that, Sirona presented the new inLab MC X5, an open 5-axis production unit for dental laboratories, which enables both wet and dry processing of many materials. Additionally, Sirona also took part in multiple trade shows around the globe and displayed its newly designed booth, which shows off our company’s innovative nature.

As you can imagine we have much more to share, so I encourage you to browse our website and review the highlights of 2014. You will enjoy diving into our world of innovation and reading about some of Sirona’s advancements, both here on this website and through all of our online channels.

Most of all we want to thank you for placing your trust in us. We truly appreciate being a part of dentistry and serving dental professional for the greater good of patients. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our IDS booth (March 10th - 14th 2015), where we will be presenting an impressive array of new products. Take the opportunity to visit our booth and get to know us personally.


Jeffrey T. Slovin

President and CEO