Your opportunities with us

Success through development

A company's growth depends on the development of its staff, because individual employees will only be successful if they are well prepared for their current and future roles. We have therefore put together a wide range of training and development opportunities for our staff: seminars on specialized topics, IT and language courses, training in social skills as well as in leadership and personality for future managers.

We also place particular importance on providing comprehensive training for our vocational trainees/apprentices and students. But no matter what type of training our team members choose in close collaboration with their line managers, the aim is always to foster their talents and develop their personalities. Besides our training programs, the greatest potential for development comes from our employees' day-to-day work in their challenging and responsible roles.

Overseas assignments

Employees can also undertake short- or long-term overseas assignments within our international group of companies. The length of time varies according to the individual employee's personal situation and the needs of the business. Living and working abroad offers employees a unique opportunity to gain new personal experience and inspiration for their career. By regularly offering overseas assignments, we endeavor to contribute to the global transfer of know-how and the development of a consistent corporate culture.