1. 04/02/2015 Sirona Night
    Doha, Qatar
  2. 04/03 – 04/05/2015 APDC 2015
    Singapore, Singapore
  3. 04/05/2015 APDC - Morning (1000-1200) and...
    Singapore, Singapore
  4. 04/07 – 04/09/2015 Cairo University Congress
    Cairo, Egypt
  5. 04/09 – 04/11/2015 Forum Ilmiah Trisakti XI 2015
    Jakarta, Indonesia
  6. 04/13 – 04/14/2015 Dental Scientific Congress 2015
    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  7. 04/14 – 04/17/2015 IDEX Istanbul
    Istanbul, Turkey
  8. 04/14/2015 The Future is NOW! - Lecture on...
    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  9. 04/16 – 04/17/2015 Scandefa
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  10. 04/20 – 04/23/2015 Dental Salon
    Moscow, Russia
  11. 04/28 – 04/30/2015 Pharos Univ. Congress
    Alexandria, Egypt
  12. 04/30/2015 Sirona Night
    Kuwait, Kuwait
  13. 05/07 – 05/09/2015 ODA 147th Annual Spring Meeting
    Toronto, Canada
  14. 05/08 – 05/09/2015 CAD CAM Conference
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  15. 05/08 – 05/09/2015 WID
    Wien, Austria

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Sirona Newsletter

  • Sirona products Enjoy every day. With Sirona.

  • Digital Dentistry

    Digital Dentistry

    Digital Dentistry Innovative solutions for both the practice and laboratory.

    Expanded possibilities with digital impressions, CEREC in the practice, inLab for the laboratory and integrated implant planning.

    more about Digital Dentistry

  • Imaging systems

    Imaging systems

    ORTHOPHOS XG 3D The most popular x-ray unit in the world.

    Now with 3D. With its 8 x 8 cm 3D- FoV ORTHOPHOS XG 3D is exactly tailored to the demands of the general dental office.

    more about Imaging systems

  • Treatment Centers

    Treatment Centers

    SINIUS. The new Class in Efficiency. The treatment center that enhances your freedom of action.

    The SINIUS is efficient,intuitive and compact. Simply in a class of its own.

    more about Treatment Centers

  • Instruments


    Treatment at the most advanced level. For the good of your practice. For the benefit of your patients.

    Each and every quality product that we produce helps to ensure that you deliver a quality therapy in a relaxed manner, achieving outstanding results.

    more about Instruments

  • Hygiene systems

    Hygiene systems

    Optimal hygiene Definitely the right solution.

    With sophisticated hygiene systems from Sirona the reprocessing of dental instruments will be safe, rapid and economical.

    more about Hygiene systems